NFC concept wants to add receipts, tickets to each Google Pay tap

The NFC (Near Field Communication) Forum is working on a innovative concept, known as the “multi-purpose tap,” which aims to unify multiple functions, including payments, into one seamless transaction. The primary goal is to make transactions more convenient and efficient by providing a richer, faster user experience.

One potential application is retail shopping, where a single tap of a user’s smartphone can initiate a payment, automatically apply relevant discounts and rewards, and transfer product information like recycling instructions or loyalty points to the user’s device. This streamlined process would minimize the need for paper receipts, physical loyalty cards, or QR code scanning.

Moreover, the multi-purpose tap could be used to verify age for age-restricted purchases, such as alcohol. In the context of electric vehicles (EV), this technology could allow users to initiate charging and payment processes at charging stations with just a tap on the terminal using their smartphone.

The transit sector is another area that could benefit from this concept. With bi-directional information exchange, e-tickets could be easily issued and validated, taking into account factors such as taxes and concessions. fare collectors on public transport could perform payment, ticketing, and inspection tasks all at once using a single tap with a passenger’s device.

The multi-purpose tap is currently in the ideation stage, although the NFC Forum, a standards body supported by companies such as Apple, Google, Sony, and Qualcomm, believes that implementation could be straightforward given the public’s growing familiarity with NFC technology. The potential implementation of a unified standard could relieve merchants, transit agencies, and other third-parties from needing to separately optimize for different operating systems such as Android and iOS.

This multi-purpose tap concept has the potential to further enhance Google’s Google Pay, possibly integrating various new features into the Google Wallet application.

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