NFC Forum wants to bundle age verification and payment receipts in tap-to-pay

The NFC Forum, a non-profit organization comprising major technology companies, is spearheading the vision of a future where a single tap of an NFC-enabled device can perform multiple functions simultaneously. This concept, known as multi-purpose tap, has the potential to revolutionize various everyday transactions.

By leveraging the dual capabilities of NFC devices for both data reading and writing, multiple actions that usually require separate stages can be completed concurrently. For example, purchasing alcohol can verify your identity and age, provide purchase receipts, and offer detailed product information such as sustainability reports, all with a single tap.

In the realm of public transportation, the multi-purpose tap could offer benefits such as accurate fare calculation, taxes, and concessions every time. It could also issue digital tickets automatically when you pay using this new tap experience, eliminating the need for physical tickets.

However, with the convenience of automation comes privacy concerns. As The Verge notes, the multi-purpose tap could potentially enable targeted marketing communications to be triggered and sent directly to your smartphone. Currently, this technology is in its infancy, with the NFC Forum actively seeking inputs and exploring market use cases.

In addition to soliciting contributions and investigating potential applications, the NFC Forum is also conducting tests to ensure the technology operates as intended and defining standards to facilitate widespread adoption. The organization includes tech heavyweights like Apple, Google, and Huawei, among others, and is diligently working towards enabling mass-market delivery of the multi-purpose tap capability.

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