NHF allowing early prescription refills ahead of Hurricane Beryl

In response to the approaching Hurricane Beryl, the National Health Fund (NHF) has announced that beneficiaries of its Card Programme can refill their prescription medications early for the next seven days. This measure is intended to help cardholders ensure they have adequate medication during and after the hurricane.

The NHF has specified the allowance for prescription refills as follows: prescriptions filled for a 30-day supply can be refilled on day 15, those filled for a 60-day supply can be refilled on day 45, and for a 90-day supply, the refill can be done on day 75. Beneficiaries, including JADEP beneficiaries, are encouraged to visit the NHF Participating Pharmacy closest to them to take advantage of this early refill offer. A list of pharmacy locations is available on the NHF’s website.

Everton Anderson, the NHF’s chief executive officer, emphasized the importance of taking medication as prescribed by a doctor, especially for managing non-communicable diseases. He stated that ensuring beneficiaries have sufficient medication during this time is a priority for the NHF.

In addition to visiting pharmacies, Drug Serv patients are encouraged to utilize alternative services such as the Quick Prescript Mobile App, scheduled refills, and the drop off and pick-up services to minimize their time spent at the pharmacy. For more information, beneficiaries can contact the NHF’s customer care department at 876-906-1106.

The NHF has reaffirmed its commitment to the care of its beneficiaries, stating that it will continue to adapt and innovate in their best interest during this challenging time. The public is invited to follow updates from The Gleaner on various social media platforms and to reach out via WhatsApp, email, or phone for more information.

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