Only Known Video Shows Rare White Bison’s First…

Gary Gaston, a retired biologist, recently had an extraordinary experience during his visit to Yellowstone National Park. On June 4, while primarily searching for grizzlies, he stumbled upon a rare sight – a white bison calf. The calf was born in Lamar Valley, near the confluence of Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar River. Gaston recognized the significance of the event, sharing the moment with a few others who also appreciated its rarity.

The National Park Service confirmed the birth of the white bison calf on June 28. They noted that the calf, unlike an albino animal, had black eyes and some pigmentation in its hooves, according to photos. The odds of a white bison calf are estimated to be about 1 in a million. Unfortunately, no confirmed sightings of the calf have been made since that first day.

The birth of a white bison is significant for many Native American tribes, especially the Sioux. A ceremony in honor of the calf was held on June 26 in West Yellowstone, Montana. According to tradition, the appearance of a white bison signifies great blessings but also serves as a warning about the state of the Earth.

Since the white bison calf has been elusive, various conspiracy theories have emerged. Some believe the government kidnapped the animal for a zoo, while others speculate that it was trampled by adult bison. However, Gaston, who watched the calf closely, is confident that the calf is still alive.

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