PC VRChat: Drivable Steam Train, Ocarina Of Time & A Space Museum

Our exploration of VRChat’s diverse virtual worlds continues this week, featuring recommendations from seasoned VR travelers. Here are three intriguing destinations to check out:

1. The Organism Trilogy, Planet Funkatron & a vast airport: These public spaces, accessible via VRChat on PC, offer unique and eye-opening experiences. The Organism Trilogy is a series of captivating environments, Planet Funkatron is a lively dance club, and the vast airport offers a realistic simulation of air travel.

2. Cosmoria: VR Museum of Space: This meticulously crafted virtual museum is a must-visit for space enthusiasts and curious VR travelers. It offers an educational voyage through our exploration of space, featuring detailed exhibits on planetary systems, star formations, and cosmic mysteries. The level of detail and visual fidelity achievable with a high-powered PC setup makes this an immersive and enlightening experience.

3. Ocarina of Time 3D: This VR rendition of the classic game world from The Legend of Zelda allows you to explore iconic locations like Kokiri Forest, Hyrule Castle, and Death Mountain with stunning accuracy. Whether you’re reliving cherished memories or experiencing this game world for the first time, the immersive quality provided by a powerful PC VR setup amplifies the magic and wonder of this timeless game world.

As we continue to explore and share these public spaces, we encourage you to share your own recommendations at [email protected]. Other noteworthy worlds include Drivable Steam Train, where you can operate a steam locomotive, and future destinations like Far Citizen * Elite Mining, The Fortress of Okuu’s Point, and the Pixel Paradise Arcade. Stay tuned for more VRChat world-hopping adventures!

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