Pixel 9 to ship with 'Google AI' powering 'Studio' and Recall-like screenshot analysis

The upcoming Pixel 9 series, set to be released in August 2023, is expected to feature a suite of AI-powered functions under the new “Google AI” banner. This was suggested in a recent leak by Android Authority.

Previously, a report from late 2023 indicated that Google was developing an AI assistant called “Pixie” exclusively for Pixel hardware, which would leverage data from Google products for a personalized Google Assistant experience.

The Pixel 9 is rumored to include a feature similar to Microsoft’s Recall function, though it will be opt-in and only apply to screenshots taken directly on the device. Another new camera function, “Add me,” is expected to help ensure everyone is included in group photos, possibly as an expansion of the Pixel 8’s “Best Take” function.

“Studio” is another feature within the Google AI suite, previously known as the “Creative Assistant” app. It is expected to use generative AI tools to allow users to “imagine it” and have the Pixel create it. The specifics of this feature are not yet known.

Finally, “Pixel Screenshots” is a new function that will allow users to search through screenshots and use them as an extended library for information and context. Users will be able to summarize new and existing screenshots to answer questions about the information in them.

The Pixel 9 series is expected to include three slab-style handsets and a foldable device, which will be unveiled on August 13 at the Made by Google event in Mountain View.

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