Pixel Watch 2 vs Pixel Watch 3: Wait for Google's next smartwatch?

In 2023, Google introduced the Pixel Watch 2, a significant upgrade to the company’s first smartwatch, offering potential buyers a viable alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series. With a solid review, there were evident areas for improvement. Google is expected to release the Pixel Watch 3 this year, addressing some of the Pixel Watch 2’s concerns and further enhancing the wearable’s capabilities.

If one is considering purchasing a new smartwatch but is unsure whether to buy the Pixel Watch 2 or wait for the Pixel Watch 3, several key differences can help make an informed decision:

1. Design: The current Pixel Watch’s aesthetic is favorable, featuring a curved glass face and a two-tone body. While the Pixel Watch 3 is expected to have similar looks, there might be a larger 45mm, 1.45-inch model, known as the Pixel 3 XL, catering to people with thicker wrists or who prefer a larger watch. There should still be a standard Pixel Watch 3 for those who prefer smaller wristwear.

2. Software: Google is likely to debut the Pixel Watch 3 with Wear OS 5, which brings several updates, including a Privacy Dashboard, media output selection, a new grid-based app launcher, and Watch Face Format filetype improvements. Wear OS 5 is also expected to enhance efficiency for longer battery life on the Pixel Watch 3.

3. Additional features: There is a possibility of ultrawideband (UWB) support in the Pixel Watch 3, allowing it to access Google’s Find My network and other short-range communication features. Fitness features will likely remain similar to its sibling’s, allowing integration through the Fitbit app.

4. Cost: Based on rumors, the Pixel Watch 3 may maintain a $349 launch price for the base model, making it a better value proposition than its predecessor. However, the possibility exists that Google will keep the Pixel Watch 2 in the lineup, lowering its base price.

The Pixel Watch 3 could be launched in October, meaning waiting a few months might be prudent, especially for those without an immediate need for a smartwatch.

If one is not convinced by Google’s current and future watches or needs a smartwatch immediately, several alternatives are available, such as the Garmin Venu 3 for more intuitive wellness and fitness tracking, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 for better integration with Samsung smartphones, or the Apple Watch Series 9 for iPhone users.

The Pixel Watch 2 remains a worthy choice with improved Wear OS 4, advanced health sensors, and upgraded training features. It can make a sensible purchase for those seeking Google’s latest smartwatch, Fitbit Sense or Versa users searching for an upgrade, or individuals content with the current features and design of the Pixel Watch 2 and unable to wait for the Pixel Watch 3.

Ultimately, it depends on one’s personal needs, preferences, and willingness to invest in a new smartwatch to decide whether to buy the Pixel Watch 2 now or wait for the Pixel Watch 3.

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