Play For Dream MR hands-on: Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 headset is a lighter, cheaper Vision Pro clone

The Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-received AR headset, has been criticized for its hefty 1.4lbs weight, limiting its usage to comfortable reclined positions. In contrast, the recently announced MR headset from Play For Dream, despite looking strikingly similar, offers a more comfortable wearing experience due to its evenly distributed weight.

The Play For Dream MR headset features sharper, higher-resolution visuals than the Vision Pro and is priced lower, making it an attractive alternative. However, the design of the Play For Dream MR, while functional, closely resembles the Vision Pro, leading to accusations of imitation.

The Play For Dream MR is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2, a chip designed for MR/AR/XR devices. It boasts up to 4.3K resolution per eye and supports up to 12 cameras. The headset runs on the company’s proprietary software based on Android 14, allowing it to run Android apps and connect to a Windows computer for virtual desktop projection.

During a demo, the Play For Dream MR showed impressive capabilities, including displaying high-quality 8K spatial videos and immersive VR content. However, the headset is not yet available for purchase, with the first markets being China, Singapore, and Malaysia. No official pricing has been announced yet.

Despite its resemblance to the Vision Pro, the Play For Dream MR offers potential benefits, such as running Android apps, lighter weight, and potentially lower cost. Its release later this year could challenge the dominance of the Vision Pro in the AR/MR market.

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