Road Trip with Tami

In the continuation of our Rockies trip, we arrived at the breathtaking Stanley Hotel, a testament to the grandeur of the past. Despite the physical challenges, the hotel’s elegance was undeniable, with guests in their summer finest enjoying cocktails and the stunning mountain views.

The Stanley Hotel, with its numerous buildings, was our temporary abode. We explored the small shops, but my back prevented us from venturing further. We did manage to visit the vault, a whiskey shop, in search of a specific bottle, but it was unavailable. Instead, we settled for a cocktail at the bar, a wise decision given the fancy dining options.

Our bartender, a knowledgeable and entertaining individual, regaled us with the hotel’s history. The Stanley Hotel, originally built by a tuberculosis-stricken entrepreneur, faced decline before being revitalized by Stephen King, who drew inspiration for his novel, The Shining, during his stay.

Our room, though simple, was charming. We noticed the absence of an ice bucket, a remnant of the hotel’s bygone era. The bartender filled our ice bucket upon request, a task that would have been commonplace in earlier times.

The night was far from restful. Strange noises and activity disturbed our sleep, leaving us wondering if we were sharing our room with unseen guests. The next morning, we realized we had experienced paranormal activity, a chilling addition to our Stanley Hotel experience.

Our day ended with a sighting of the elk of Estes Park, a delightful encounter that lightened the mood after the eerie night. Our final meal was at the Egg and I, where we were treated to an abundance of delicious food that we struggled to finish.

As we left Estes Park, we were filled with memories and a newfound appreciation for the region’s charm and history. We encourage everyone to visit Estes Park, a destination offering something for everyone.

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