Samsung Health could soon better help you with your medication

Samsung Health, Samsung’s health management platform, is set to introduce two new features aimed at enhancing medication management. The first feature will allow users to scan their medications to automatically input details such as name, strength, and form into Samsung Health. This will make it easier for users to keep track of their medications.

The second feature will provide users with information about potential drug-allergy interactions. Currently, the Medication feature on Samsung Health warns users about drug-to-drug interactions and interactions with certain foods like caffeine and alcohol. With the new feature, users will be able to select common allergies or add their own to the list. If a user uses a medication that could potentially cause an allergic reaction, they will be informed in a similar manner to drug-to-drug interactions.

These new features are predicted based on work-in-progress code found in an APK teardown, and it is possible that they may not be released to the public. However, if they do come to fruition, they will further enhance Samsung Health’s capabilities and move the platform closer to its goal of holistic health management.

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