Save up to $90 on Samsung's excellent Galaxy Watch 6 at Best Buy's 4th of July sale

Summer shoppers can take advantage of discounts on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series, available at Best Buy’s 4th of July sale. These smartwatches, available in various models and sizes, can be purchased with savings up to 30%. The range of models includes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Aluminum Smartwatch 40mm BT at a reduced price of $209.99 (originally $299.99), and the higher-end Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Stainless Steel Smartwatch 47mm LTE for $399.99 (originally $479.99). It is essential to note that the discounts on the watches vary depending on the model selected.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic differ aesthetically, with the 6 Classic boasting a heavier, larger design with a traditional bezel. Nevertheless, both models share the same core specs, including displays, batteries, processors, and software, which features Wear OS 4 and the Galaxy Watch UI 5. The choice between the two comes down to personal preference, budget, and aesthetics, as the internal workings remain the same.

Regardless of the chosen model, all the watches in the series require Bluetooth connectivity to transfer information and updates, as they do not come with cellular capabilities. For more information on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic, one can refer to TechRadar’s review of both models. Additionally, our roundup of the best smartwatches can help guide you in deciding which wearable to buy, whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series or another option on the market.

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