Smartwatches in 2024: the biggest launches so far and what's coming next

Smartwatches have been among the significant technologies shaping lifestyles in 2024 as advancements in hardware and software unfold. As the year reaches the halfway point, a review is in order to examine the most signifcant smartwatch launches hence far, and a look toward the upcoming releases. Some of these highly anticipated smartwatch releases featuring new software updates or new hardware include –

  1. Garmin Forerunner 165: affordable smartwatch offering an outstanding AMOLED display and a17-day battery life, reviewed [here](link to reviewed).

  2. Honor Band 7 and Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro: budget-friendly alternatives tosmartwatches with GPS available in the latter.

  3. OnePlus Watch 2: an achievement in the smartwatch world, offering total functionality with Google’s Wear OScalso known as " the comeback king." Read details in the OnePlus Watch review 2.

4.Suunto Race: an impressive wearable from Finnish company Suunton, worth considering [review here](link to its review).

  1. SamsungGalaxy Watch FE launched in June, Samsung’shome-brewed watch to compete with the Apple Watch SEavailable at $199 for bluetooth model.

Notable upcoming smartwatch reveals include:

  1. Samsung-expected to debut Samsung Watch 7 at the next Samsung Galaxy unpacked event on July 10 bringing AI-focused features, improvedheath sensors, and a new large display.

2.Potential launch of a higher end Galaxy Watch Ultra, with exceptional battery life, new colorway choices, and possibly a larger displayas well.

  1. Apple will likely introduce a new Apple Watch by the end of the year to herad the tenth anniversary of the product line potentially featuring a larger display and more advanced healthcare sensors.

  2. Google ‘s Pixel Watch 3 tentatively scheduled to launch in August expecting a larger device and advanced sensors offering a superioruser experience. Stay tuned for further updates. Keep in mind the ongoingcourt case between Apple and Masimo pertaining to blood oxygen sensorpate technology, possibly affecting feature availability in Apple’supcoming releases.

Also, noticing the increasing significance of software enhancement, Apple has revealed new functionality in watchOS 11 (expected in the fall)incorporating the Vitals health app, Training Load for suggested rest days, the ability to temporary pause Fitness rings while exercising, and the Apple Watchextension to track expectant mothers’ pregnancy. To learn more, visit the sources below.

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