Smash Drums Announces a Brand New Environment Exclusively for Meta Quest

In a partnership with PotamWorks SAS, UploadVR presented information about Smash Drums, the main sponsor of UVRSS24. The virtual reality rhythm game has introduced a new environment for its users, the Free Frickin’ Rock Show™️, where players can perform in a synchronized light show that responds to their drumming. This light show can also be synced with any previously released song in Smash Drums.

In addition to the solo experience, Smash Drums has introduced an 8-player Rock Show arena, offering similar lighting techniques that respond to the music. The leading player in the arena will receive additional light show elements and fireworks in real-time.

Smash Drums has also announced its entry into mixed reality, offering a dynamic lighting system that adapts to the player’s surroundings. This means that players can experience the game in their own living rooms, surrounded by the music and lights.

The game is set to release a Pop Rock Legends DLC exclusively on the Meta Quest store on July 8th, 2024, with another pack set to drop later this year.

To stay updated on all things Smash Drums, users are encouraged to follow the game on various social media platforms, including X and YouTube, and join the official Discord server. Are you ready to rock?

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