TechCrunch Space: Star spangled

* The main topic of the article is an update on space-related news, focusing on recent developments and contracts related to NASA and SpaceX.

* Firstly, NASA awarded SpaceX an $843 million contract to develop a vehicle for deorbiting the International Space Station (ISS) in a safe manner for humans on Earth. This vehicle, known as the U.S. Deorbit Vehicle, is expected to be based on SpaceX’s Dragon heritage hardware.

* Secondly, there was an announcement about Starfish Space’s new agreement with Intelsat. This deal is a significant step in realizing the Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) servicing market.

* Lastly, NASA celebrates the Fourth of July holiday for astronauts on the ISS, an annual event since the continuous presence of astronauts on board the station. A NASA article titled “Fourth of July Holidays in Space” highlighted the festivities, including the iconic stars-and-stripes pants worn by astronauts in space.

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