“The Bear” Star Matty Matheson Says He Does Bear Crawls Every Day. Are They Legit?

In this article, Matty Matheson, a cast member of the television show “The Bear”, claimed during the season three premiere event that he does bear crawls daily as part of his home workout routine. The article proceeds to explain what bear crawls are, how to perform them, and the benefits of incorporating this exercise into a fitness regimen.

Bear crawls are a ground-based bodyweight exercise that combines isometric abdominal tension with dynamic limb movements, offering a full-body workout. To do a bear crawl, start in a tabletop position, with your hands under your shoulders, knees under your hips, and only palms and toes in contact with the ground. Brace your core by preparing for a gut punch and crawl, keeping your knees off the ground and imagining you’re balancing a bowl of water on your back.

Benefits of bear crawls include teaching stability and bracing of abdominal muscles while moving limbs, which is integral for everyday tasks and most sports. Additionally, crawling exercises like bear crawls are great for all ages and can build endurance and stability in the core, potentially mitigating injury risk and building muscle.

If Matheson’s comment was genuine, doing bear crawls on a regular basis could help him maintain physical fitness for his role on “The Bear.” Regardless of whether or not viewers see him perform this exercise on screen, those looking to shake up their fitness routine might consider incorporating bear crawls between episodes of the show as they stream season three on Hulu.

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