The Best Warm-Up and Cool-Down Routines to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

Tyrone Brennand, a personal trainer and author of Be The Fittest, has experienced significant benefits from incorporating cool-downs into his workout routine. He emphasizes that cool-downs aid in muscle recovery after intense workouts as they help to alleviate muscle tightness caused during exercise.

The duration of warm-ups and cool-downs can vary, but they should be tailored to the specific workout. A general guideline suggests a warm-up lasting between five and 20 minutes, gradually increasing movements to blend seamlessly into the main session. Cool-downs are typically shorter, ranging from five to 10 minutes, with the primary focus being to bring the heart rate back down to rest.

For cardio workouts, warm-up exercises should mimic the movements that will be used during the workout. Examples include running, high knees, and leg kicks. For strength training, it’s essential to incorporate the movements that will be performed at full capacity later in the workout. This can be achieved by performing the movements without weight first, followed by balance work to stimulate the nervous system. Slow and steady warm-ups are key for full-body and weight sessions, with exercises like slow bodyweight squats, slow press-ups, and shoulder rotations being suitable options.

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