The Pixel 9's “Google AI” is like Microsoft Recall but a little less creepy

The upcoming Pixel phones from Google are anticipated to incorporate a suite of AI-powered features, one of which resembles Microsoft’s Recall tool, albeit with key differences. Dubbed “Pixel Screenshots,” this feature allows for the saving and processing of details from manually taken screenshots, enabling users to search through them. Unlike Recall, which automatically captures device activities, Pixel Screenshots only processes screenshots the user manually takes, thus reducing the potential for privacy concerns.

Despite the manual nature of the Pixel Screenshots feature, the manner in which the information is processed and stored could still raise similar concerns. Microsoft initially faced criticism over Recall due to these factors, leading to a delay in its rollout on Windows 11.

According to Android Authority, users can enable or disable AI processing for their screenshots at will. When activated, the feature seems to allow for summarization of screenshots and answering questions about the information within them. Furthermore, Google will save metadata such as links, app names, and the time the screenshot was taken to aid in the search for specific images.

In addition to Pixel Screenshots, Google is also planning to introduce a similar AI-powered feature in Google Photos, aimed at aiding users in searching through their photos. Beyond these features, Google is also developing a new photo editing tool called “Add Me,” which falls under the Google AI umbrella. This tool could allow users to add individuals to group photos, surpassing the capabilities of the Best Take feature.

Lastly, Google is reportedly set to launch a Studio tool that utilizes AI to generate stickers and other images, a feature that has been previously rumored. These AI-powered features are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate advanced technologies into its products.

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