The Prompt: The Crypto Miners Winning The AI Gold Rush

In this week’s update from The Prompt, we explore the fascinating intersection of AI and human collaboration. OpenAI has introduced a new model called CriticGPT, designed to help humans correct errors in AI output, particularly in code generated by ChatGPT. This tool could potentially streamline the training process for AI systems as they continue to advance.

On the other hand, the use of popular AI chatbots like Microsoft Copilot and OpenAI’s ChatGPT has come under scrutiny for regurgitating disinformation during the recent presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. These chatbots repeated false claims about a delay in the broadcast and potential editing of the debate footage, which were later denied by CNN.

In the realm of data, AI search startup Perplexity has been using AI-generated blogs and social media posts as sources, leading to inconsistent and inaccurate information in its search results. Amazon is currently investigating Perplexity to assess if they violated terms of service by scraping websites.

In the world of talent, Amazon has strengthened its artificial general intelligence team by hiring the co-founders and employees of Adept, a startup focused on building AI agents for various computer tasks. Meanwhile, VC firm Benchmark is raising $425 million for its eleventh fund to invest in early-stage AI startups.

Lastly, there’s a significant shift in the crypto mining sector, with miners harnessing their advanced equipment and low-cost energy for the burgeoning AI sector. Companies like CoreWeave are inking deals with bitcoin miners like Core Scientific to host AI-related computing hardware, benefiting from the stable revenue generated by AI operations.

In other news, NBC Universal will use an AI-generated clone of Al Michaels’ voice to offer personalized coverage of the Paris 2024 Olympics via their app. The synthetic voice can render 7 million different versions of recaps, pulling from 5,000 hours of live coverage of the event.

Lastly, a quiz for our readers: Which semiconductor tech company is using light-based chips to help meet AI’s growing energy demand for data centers? The answer will be revealed in the next update.

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