The Suitcase Vs Backpack Travel Debate Is Heating up on TikTok

Travelers, particularly during the summer season, often face the dilemma of overpacking for their holidays, especially when embarking on backpacking-style trips. A video with 5.8 million views on TikTok humorously captures this predicament, featuring a group of women struggling to pull a 60-pound suitcase up stairs in Croatia. Similar videos have been shared by travelers who underestimated the physical demands of their trips, such as long walks and bumpy roads, especially in older European towns.

One TikToker from April experienced this challenge during a three-month trip across South East Asia, with her 25-kilogram suitcase even losing three wheels in Singapore. Commenters empathized with the struggle of carrying heavy luggage but also expressed concerns about the impracticality of backpacks for extended vacations.

Despite the frequent viral videos denouncing the use of suitcases, some travelers still prefer them due to the ease of packing and unpacking. One commenter, who had “no regrets” bringing a suitcase on a trip to Croatia, even declared herself ready to die on the “suitcase is superior” hill. Another commenter added that they found packing and unpacking a soft bag each day to be their idea of hell.

Even those who’ve taken large backpacks have shared videos of themselves looking exhausted while carrying their belongings. However, they still encourage users to opt for suitcases due to their practicality. Travel is a popular genre on TikTok, with creators offering packing hacks, travel advice, and promoting effective travel products. For more such stories, check out coverage from Insider’s Digital Culture team.

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