The U.S. Government confirms the credits needed to get Social Security payments

The United States Social Security Administration provides retirement benefits to many American households, but to be eligible, certain work credit requirements must be met. These work credits are earned through a specific amount of time worked each year, with a maximum of 4 credits achievable per year. To receive a retirement check from the Social Security Administration, a minimum of 40 credits, equivalent to 10 years of work, is required. However, exceptions may apply in some cases.

It’s possible to apply for a benefit with the minimum required credits, but the resulting payment may be too small for a comfortable living. To receive a significant check, it’s advisable to wait until more work credits are accumulated. In 2024, the maximum payment is $4,873, which requires a minimum of 35 years of work. The exact amount received depends on an individual’s work history. For clarification on individual cases, it’s recommended to contact the Social Security Administration.

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