This Cannabis Company Unveils Unique Findings At Germany – CBD Of Denver (OTC:CBDD)

CBD of Denver, Inc., also known as CBDD, is an American cannabis company aiming to expand its presence in the German market. This aspiration was demonstrated at the recent Mary Jane Berlin trade fair, where the company showcased its products and services, including its handheld NIR spectroscopy tool, CheckMyWeed, to over 40,000 attendees. The event served as a platform for CBD of Denver to engage with Germany’s evolving cannabis market, conducting over 600 tests on cannabis samples to deliver precise cannabinoid profiles.

The detailed results of the tests were as follows:
– THC Flower: 517 samples tested, with THC levels ranging from 5.6% to 25.8%, averaging 16.1%.
– THC Resin: 48 samples tested, with THC content from 16.3% to 60.6%, averaging 42.6%.
– CBD Flower: 32 samples tested, with CBD levels from 3.5% to 20.7%, averaging 10.3%.
– CBD Resin: 7 samples tested, with CBD content from 13.2% to 45.3%, averaging 26.3%.

Beyond the trade fair, CBD of Denver’s subsidiary, Luxora Solutions, has announced its intention to engage with parties interested in starting cannabis clubs. The legalization of cannabis in Germany has been influenced by the non-profit, member-based model of Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC), and Germany allows a cap of 500 clients per club. Luxora Solutions aims to collect more than 50 qualified leads within cannabis social club enthusiasts.

CBD of Denver and other American companies looking to expand in Europe may find opportunities at events such as the 19th Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, which is coming to Chicago this Oct. 8-9. This conference offers insights into opportunities for American companies in the German and European cannabis markets.

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