walnut, cherry or maple wood houses the screen and keyboard of mythic's 'apollo' computers

Mythic Computer, a one-man atelier run by Keegan McNamara, has unveiled its first publicly available series, the Apollo Collection. This exclusive range is limited to 27 pieces, each handcrafted to order at the Mythic workshop in Ojia, California. The collection is composed of three parts: the main body, a detachable portable screen serving as the keyboard, and a magnetic display stand. Customers can choose between walnut, cherry, or maple wood for their Apollo computer.

The Apollo Collection includes a full-grain, vegetable-tanned, Tuscan leather palm rest beneath the mechanical keys. The custom-printed circuit boards, Framework motherboard, I/O via three USB-C ports, and a keyed power switch are other components of the collection. The portable screen is a 13.3-inch 4K AMOLED display. The operating system is based on the Linux kernel and offers standard computer applications such as a web browser, notes app, email client, command line, code editor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.

Other design features of the Apollo Collection include a tactile keyed power switch, an aluminum volume and brightness dial, and a hand-tuned mechanical keyboard that produces soft clicks with each press. Mythic Computer has previously worked on bespoke devices for individual clients but is now making the Apollo Collection available to the public. Prices for the limited-edition computers can be obtained by reaching out through the company’s website. The display stand is attached magnetically and can be removed when needed.

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