Warning board on Karnataka highway spills laughs on the internet. ‘Wrongly translated,’ say users

A humorous incident has emerged on a highway in Karnataka’s Kodagu region, where an emergency sign board has been mistakenly translated from Kannada to English, causing amusement among internet users. The signboard, which initially read, “Urgent make an accident,” was actually meant to warn about the dangers of over-speeding, as indicated by the original Kannada sentence, “Avasarave Apaghatakke Karana,” which translates to “Over speeding is the reason for accidents.”

While some internet users questioned the government’s translation efforts, others took a lighter approach to the situation. A user humorously suggested adding insurance agents to fix the issue, while another compared the English translation to signboards in France and Germany, stating that it was still better than what they have seen in many European countries.

A user named Sharath.J.Bhushi also defended the situation, stating that the translation in many European countries is even more ridiculous and urged people not to judge based on language knowledge. The incident has sparked amusement among netizens, with some expressing their opinions and others sharing their own experiences of poor translations.

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