When anxious, go for a walk: Therapist explains why

When dealing with anxiety, one effective solution is to take a walk. Walking provides a low-impact exercise that allows both body and mind to move beyond anxious moments. It offers numerous benefits that can help combat anxious thoughts.

Firstly, brisk walking for around ten minutes can enhance the mood by releasing endorphins, which aid in combating negative thoughts. Secondly, anxiety often causes hyperventilation leading to chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, and dizziness. Walking helps in adjusting the breathing pattern and calming the nervous system.

Walking serves as a means to distract the mind and body from anxious thoughts, helping one connect with the mind and body for a fresh perspective. Anxiety can lead to sleep disturbances, but walking contributes to the regularization of sleep cycles and improves the quality of sleep.

In summary, walking is a beneficial way to manage anxiety. It releases endorphins to combat negative thoughts, alters breathing patterns to soothe the nervous system, helps in distraction, contributes to better sleep, and provides an opportunity for self-reflection. Next time you feel anxious, consider taking a walk to help regain calm and clarity.

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