Why Resting Is More Important Than Exploring on Backpacking Trips

The author recalls an unpleasant experience during a two-week backpacking trip across four European countries. Particularly, the author remembers the overnight train journey from Berlin to Vienna, where a sleepless night left them feeling depleted upon arrival. The author travelled in a regular seat within a shared carriage of six, which offered little legroom and no fully reclining seats, resulting in a night devoid of sleep.

Upon reaching Vienna, the author’s physical state forced them to prioritize finding a place to rest. They managed to secure a room in a hotel after visiting three different ones, despite having to pay for a full night’s stay due to checking in during the day. This last-minute hotel booking not only provided a safe, comfortable resting place but also significantly transformed the author’s experience in Vienna.

Feeling refreshed after their nap, the author was able to appreciate the unique architecture of the city and reignite their excitement for their travels. This unexpected break also highlighted the importance of staying hydrated, which they addressed immediately upon waking. The experience served as a valuable lesson, as the author realized that neglecting sleep could negatively impact the enjoyment of their travels.

This trip underscored the necessity of taking rest breaks, especially during quick visits to new countries, as failure to do so could lead to dissatisfaction with the travel experience. In turn, prioritizing health became a vital component of the author’s journey and remains so for their travels ever since.

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