Why You Should Pack an iPad for a Backpacking Trip Through Europe

During a two-week backpacking trip across Europe, a traveler found unexpected use for their iPad. The device was used every day for activities such as reading, drawing, and watching TV, primarily in transit and at night. The iPad was particularly helpful in passing time on trains and planes, with guidebooks downloaded onto the device helping the traveler decide how to spend their time and build excitement for upcoming destinations. Watching comfort shows and engaging in personal hobbies also provided a sense of home and comfort, even in budget accommodations. Despite initial feelings of guilt for not fully immersing oneself in the experience, the traveler recognized that utilizing familiar activities for relaxation during downtime is a valid method for coping with the discomfort of long-distance travel. However, they made a point to occasionally glance out the window to appreciate the stunning views afforded by train travel.

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