Wildlife photographer saves cat who survived improbable odds on Sanibel Island

In Sanibel, Florida, Ed Saternus, a wildlife photographer, had an unexpected encounter during a restroom stop at the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. He discovered a small kitten hiding in the mangroves and felt compelled to help. The kitten, who Saternus named Norwood after the refuge’s founder, Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling, has since captured the hearts of thousands online, with photos receiving thousands of likes.

Saternus has taken Norwood into his home and has also started an online fundraiser to help other cats on the island who were abandoned after Hurricane Ian. These cats face challenging survival odds due to the abundant natural predators on the island. Saternus, acknowledging the universal appeal of kittens, views Norwood as a symbol of hope in these difficult times.

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