Woman of Lankan descent wins top business award in UK

Title: Lushani Kodituwakku, the Recipient of the Women in Business/Entrepreneurship Award, Celebrates Success in UK Business

In a remarkable feat, Lushani Kodituwakku, the Founder and Managing Director of Luminii Consulting, has been honored with the Women in Business/Entrepreneurship award at the Women in Management UK Professional & Career Women Awards 2024. This recognition adds to her already impressive collection of accolades, including the Chief Executive Officer of the Year in Market Research and Intelligence in the UK, which she received in November 2023, and the Commercial Due Diligence Provider of the Year at the European Private Equity Awards, awarded to her in April 2023.

Establishment and Growth of Luminii Consulting

Since its inception in 2017, Luminii Consulting has risen to prominence as a leading advisory firm, providing complex strategy, Commercial Due Diligence (CDD), value creation, market research, and intelligence projects. Kodituwakku’s extensive 25-year career has played a significant role in this success. Her expertise has been instrumental in assisting private equity, venture capital, large corporates, SMEs, and banks in their investment, market-entry, and strategic initiatives.

Diverse Career Background

Prior to founding Luminii, Kodituwakku spearheaded the Grant Thornton Strategy and CDD team from 2008. She also launched and led the UK operations for Neovian Partners, a French strategy provider, serving as their UK Managing Partner. Her earlier roles included Directorship at PMSI Consulting and contributions to the strategy and market intelligence teams at KPMG and Frost & Sullivan.

Impact Across Industries

Throughout her career, Kodituwakku has supported over 500 businesses across various sectors, including technology, media & telecoms, B2B products and services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, property, construction, education, energy, and financial services. Her strategic and entrepreneurial acumen has driven significant growth and investment strategies for her clients.

Community Involvement and Personal Achievements

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Kodituwakku serves as a Non-Executive Director on the board of Judges Scientific plc., a leading AIM-quoted group specializing in scientific instruments. She is also deeply committed to community service, supporting two registered charities, fundraising, and mentoring undergraduates.

Kodituwakku’s versatility is evident in her early achievements in drama. She won Best Actress at the All Island Shakespeare Competitions in Sri Lanka in 1992 and the All Island Royal Interact Drama Competitions in 1993. She has also appeared in a Canadian movie with Ryan Reynolds, a German TV series, and a Sinhala movie directed by Gamini Fonseka. Recently, she performed in the stage play Kelani Palama in London and Nottingham.


Lushani Kodituwakku’s multifaceted career and dedication to both business and community service make her a distinguished figure in the professional world. Her recent award underscores her significant impact and ongoing contributions to various fields.

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