Your iPhone might not get these iOS 18 features, here’s why

Title: Exclusive iOS 18 Features for Select iPhone Models

The upcoming iOS 18 update is expected to bring significant changes to the iPhone, including Apple Intelligence, enhancements to core apps, a new Siri with ChatGPT integration, and numerous personalization options. However, not all these features will be available on all supported iPhones.

1. Apple Intelligence: This significant addition to iOS 18 will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Features like that include real-time language translation and environmental awareness.

2. Supercharged Siri with ChatGPT integration: While this feature falls under the Apple Intelligence umbrella, it is worth highlighting separately. The enhanced Siri, including its ChatGPT integration, will also be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

3. Live audio transcription in Notes: This feature, which allows users to create transcripts for recordings, even during live audio, will only be accessible on iPhones 12 or later.

4. Hands-free unlocking of doors: The Home app in iOS 18 will support hands-free unlocking of doors if you have an Ultra Wideband smart lock. Since Ultra Wideband was first introduced in the iPhone 11, older models won’t support this feature.

5. Eye tracking: Inspired by the Vision Pro’s eye tracking tech, iOS 18 introduces an accessibility feature for controlling your iPhone or iPad entirely with your eyes. This feature will be available on iPhone 12 or later and iPhone SE 3rd generation.

6. Enhance Dialogue for TV shows and movies: Originally introduced for the Apple TV 4K, Enhance Dialogue improves hearing in TV shows and movies with lots of loud music or sound effects. To benefit from the feature in iOS 18, you’ll need an iPhone 11 or newer.

7. Music Haptics: This accessibility feature, which syncs the iPhone’s Taptic Engine with whatever song is playing, will require an iPhone 12 or later.

It’s important to note that these limitations may cause some users to miss out on certain features if they don’t upgrade to a newer iPhone model. Users should consider these restrictions when deciding whether to update to iOS 18.

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