6-year-old Tonkawa gets special ribbon cutting ceremony

A six-year-old girl named Sue Ann Lemay from Tonkawa has been selling lemonade every summer since 2020, and this year she decided to expand her business by joining the local chamber of commerce. In a special ceremony, the Tonkawa Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting in her honor, making Sue Ann their first junior entrepreneur.

Sue Ann makes lemonade every summer day and sells it to the residents of Tonkawa. This year, she decided to level up her business by adding hot dogs and maybe pizza to her stand. With her parents’ support, she became a member of the chamber of commerce and gave up her $10 for the membership.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a fun and exciting experience for Sue Ann, and the chamber of commerce hopes it will inspire other kids to start their own businesses during the summer. Sue Ann plans to use her lemonade money to buy more Girl Scout cookies this summer. The Tonkawa Chamber of Commerce hopes that this event will encourage more kids to become active members of the community and start their own businesses.

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