Another Meta Quest headset bites the dust

The original Meta Quest, initially launched as the Oculus Quest in 2019, is no longer receiving bug fixes or security updates, as announced in an email to its owners. This decision comes after the discontinuation of support for the Oculus Go earlier this year. The original Quest’s discontinuation is likely due to the depletion of Meta Quest 2 stock worldwide and the anticipated launch of the rumored Meta Quest 3S, which is expected to become the most affordable Quest headset.

Although Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth has stated that Quest 2 support will continue for an extended period, the discontinuation of the original Quest seems reasonable given its outdated nature compared to the Quest 3. The original Quest, despite being a significant milestone in Meta’s modern VR journey, is simply too old to warrant continued support.

From Meta’s perspective, discontinuing support for the original Quest could free up resources for the development of new headsets and services. Additionally, it may incentivize Quest owners to upgrade to the latest VR hardware to enjoy the most recent virtual reality experiences.

While the end of support for a five-year-old device may not be surprising, given the typical two-year replacement cycle for consumer electronics, it is still disappointing news for owners of the original Quest. However, as technology advances, it is essential to move forward and embrace the latest VR games and experiences. The original Quest will always be remembered as a groundbreaking device that launched Meta’s modern VR journey.

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