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Title: Tracking Calories Burned on an Apple Watch: A Guide

The Apple Watch is an exceptional tool for monitoring health and fitness goals, with a significant focus on energy consumption. This article will guide you on how to track your calories burned on an Apple Watch for both active and passive metrics, as well as your daily total.

The Apple Watch keeps track of your active calories burned, which is displayed through your Move ring. However, it also measures your total calories burned, which represents the sum of active and passive calories.

Active calories are those burned from movement, while passive calories, also known as your base metabolic rate, are the calories your metabolism burns just for staying alive, even when you’re resting.

To calculate your passive calories and get a comprehensive understanding of your metabolism, meal planning, and more, follow these steps:

  1. On Apple Watch: Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Scroll down using the Digital Crown to find your active calories burned under the Move goal. You can also add the Activity complication to various watch faces or use an Activity watch face for instant access to active calories.

  2. On iPhone: For more detailed calorie data, use the Fitness app on your iPhone. Tap the Activity rings at the top to view your total calories burned for the day at the bottom left of your screen. You can also view the total calories burned for previous days by selecting a different day from the top or tapping the calendar icon in the top right corner.

To find your passive calories, subtract your active calories (Move goal) from the total.

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