Best Hotels in Caves

The Cave Royale at Six Senses Ibiza, a trio of underground chambers with a sea-view terrace, is the most sought-after room in the resort’s new extension, the Beach Caves. The Beach Caves also include a waterfront restaurant and multiple bars, designed by interior-design duo Diego Alonso and Alexeja Pozzoni. These man-made caverns offer a unique “hotel within a hotel” experience, attracting guests and giving a new flow to the property.

In addition to Six Senses Ibiza, another notable establishment built around a natural cave is Cova Santa in Ibiza, known for hosting cool DJs and parties. Some suggest that the subconscious attraction to caves may stem from a sense of safety and comfort, or even a feeling of going back to the womb.

Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of jewelry and watches at Louis Vuitton, shares a similar perspective. She recently transformed a cave on the Italian island of Ventotene into a holiday home, finding the organic shape of a cave comforting and enchanting.

In Sicily, Italy, Locanda Don Serafino in Ragusa Ibla offers cave rooms with Kartell furniture and baths carved into the rock. Meanwhile, the dramatic Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita in Matera, Italy, is a cluster of 18 caves reimagined as minimalist spaces with modern amenities.

Kihlgren, the hotelier and preservationist behind Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita, also opened Sextantio Il Palazzo della Civita, five rooms in a 17th-century palace that merge into the rock. Caves at the property are now used for local craft workshops and contemporary art installations.

Cappadocia, Turkey, is another region known for subterranean living, with underground cities and early Christian churches carved deep into the region’s soft volcanic rock. The Serinn House in Ürgüp, Turkey, is the most stylish and intimate cave hotel in the area.

On the Greek island of Crete, Acro Suites is a popular resort known for its cliffside cave rooms with sea views. The grotto look has become so popular that some hoteliers are even designing lodgings to resemble caves, such as the Hyades Mountain Resort in southern Greece, which has a cavernlike suite carved out of wood.

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