Colorado Department of Labor and Employment shares tips to improve your resume, interview skills

Job-Seeking Advice for Colorado Graduates:

In Denver, newly-minted graduates are searching for their first jobs, and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) offers helpful advice to make the process smoother. Katherine Keegan, the director of the Office of the Future of Work at CDLE, has several tips for crafting effective resumes and acing job interviews.

Firstly, Keegan recommends focusing on three key skill sets in a resume: digital literacy, business acumen, and soft skills. Digital literacy encompasses proficiency in using technology and being able to learn new technology quickly. Being a “business enabler” means applying academic learning in real-world business contexts or solving business problems. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving are essential, as many employers look for candidates with these human skills.

When preparing for job interviews, Keegan advises researching the job competencies outlined in the job description and bringing examples of times when those competencies were successfully demonstrated. Keegan also suggests organizing a resume by core competencies instead of the traditional chronological format, as it draws attention to the skills most relevant to the job being applied for.

Two final pieces of advice from Keegan are to listen actively during interviews and make connections with the interviewer. Keegan encourages job-seekers to take a moment before responding, ask for clarification when needed, and take time to think about answers.

Fortunately for new graduates, the job market in Colorado is promising, with more jobs available than candidates. CDLE provides various job-hunting resources that can be found on their website at

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