Get your vehicle ready for an Independence Day road trip

Preparing for an Independence Day road trip in 2024 is important, as the Travel period is anticipated to surpass pre-pandemic levels from 2019. If you’re traveling by car, here are some useful tips:

1. Check Your Fluids: Before starting your road trip, make sure all your fluids, including brake fluid, engine oil, and transmission fluid are properly filled to ensure smooth travel. Keep an eye on your Tire Pressure Monitor (TPMS) as temperature changes can impact tire pressure. Check the tire air pressure to avoid sudden drops causing concerns.
2. Oil Changes: Regular oil changes are crucial in maintaining your vehicle’s lifespan, and it’s an investment in avoiding costly repair bills on the road. Proper engine oil levels and regular maintenance can prevent excessive wear, keep the engine parts lubricated, and reduce potential engine problems.
3. Proactive Vehicle Maintenance: It is advisable to plan for scheduled maintenance checks as much as possible to keep your vehicle functioning optimally throughout the trip. Consider getting essential repairs done such as brake service, tire replacements, battery checks, and electrical system diagnostics.

Planning early and being proactive will help to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and smooth Independence Day road trip. Avoid last-minute dashes, be aware of the roads, drive defensively and check traffic reports for real-time conditions. Happy Fourth of July!

Additionally, Triple A estimates that more than 70 million people will be traveling 50 miles or more from their home for the holiday weekend, with over half of them utilizing their car as the primary mode of travel. The travel season is expected to kick off as early as Wednesday with the most significant increase of drivers on the road around Sunday as people begin their journeys back from their holiday destinations. To accommodate the increased volume, experts suggest setting off early and traveling on the fourth for a better chance of avoiding delays, traffic, and the busiest travel days during the long weekend.

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