Google addresses Pixel 6 series bricking bug amid user complaints

The Google Pixel 6 series is experiencing an issue where devices brick after a factory reset, due to a problem associated with a recent software update. The fault is known to affect the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6a models. Google’s temporary resolution to the problem is twofold. Either users must wait 15 minutes following a system update reboot before resetting the device or complete a factory reset prior to updating.

Those whose devices have already bricked are awaiting further updates as Google identifies the root cause of the issue and develops a solution. Meanwhile, attempts to resolve the problem using the Android Flash Tool and Pixel Repair Tool have proved ineffective. As of now, it’s still unclear whether all Pixel 6 users face this issue as it was successfully tested in a Pixel 6 running the latest Android 15 beta. Google has yet to provide a schedule for when this issue will be resolved, so users are advised to exercise caution with performing a factory reset until a permanent fix has been made available. Further information on the subject will be reported as it comes to light. Readers may share information related to this problem by emailing the staff at [email protected]. They can remain anonymous or request recognition for their contributions.

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