Massachusetts to Montreal: The Great Northeastern Road Trip

Title: Lost in Translation: A Culinary and Cultural Journey Through Montreal

Author: Kaelie Piscitello

The article takes readers on a journey through Montreal, a city in Canada known for its charm and delicious cuisine. The author recounts her first-time visit to Canada, mentioning the border’s serious but amusing signs, and her brother’s advice to avoid greeting border agents with “BONJOUR.”

The author shares her adventure in Montreal, starting with exploring the city’s downtown area and climbing the steps of Mont Royale Park. She admires the city’s clean, speedy, and timely Metro system, which was a refreshing change from her hometown’s subway.

The author and her friends discover a rubber duck store in Old Town Montreal, marvel at the Notre Dame Cathedral, and have an authentic dining experience in Chinatown, where they try a variety of dumplings at Qing Hua Dumpling. They also visit Patisserie Coco, an Asian bakery, and get lost in the Underground City before having a fun dinner and a show at Notre Boeuf De Grace, a burger joint with a drag queen entertainment.

Throughout the article, the author highlights Montreal’s unique blend of French Canadian culture and style, encouraging readers to explore the city for its delightful culinary experiences and picturesque locales. She ends the article by recommending Leisure Group Travel for more travel ideas.

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