Meta Ditches Its Own Tools in Favor of LIV Partnership for Mixed Reality Capture on Quest

Marketing Virtual Reality (VR) games can be effectively achieved through the use of mixed reality capture, a method that shows real people immersed in virtual environments. Meta, a leading company in this field, has decided to adopt third-party application LIV as its official solution for mixed reality capture and virtual camera solutions. This partnership, which spans multiple years, aims to benefit developers publishing on Meta Quest and creators who wish to use these features in Meta Quest and Rift apps.

LIV, beyond being a mixed reality capture tool, also focuses on avatar solutions for Vtubing and allows streamers to monitor chats, alerts, and notifications in VR. The service requires a PC with a supported external camera and the free PC app itself to create mixed reality videos. Notably, one of the most successful VR games to date, Gorilla Tag by Another Axiom, utilizes LIV.

David Yee, COO at Another Axiom, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re always looking at new ways to give our players and creators a great experience they can share with their family and friends. This partnership between LIV and Meta provides access to best-in-class capture and virtual camera technology, introducing new ways to capture and share in-headset experiences. We can’t wait to see what the community does with these new tools.”

As of now, LIV SDK v2.0 for Unity-based apps supporting Meta’s Presence Platform capabilities is available in beta. The studio plans to release beta versions for Unreal-based apps later in 2023, with the official releases of both Unity and Unreal versions anticipated in Q4 2024. Interested content creators and game developers can download LIV on Steam and integrate LIV SDK into their Quest app starting today, both of which are free.

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