Meta is Pulling the Plug on Quest 1 Security Patches Next Month

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced that it will stop providing security updates and bug fixes for the Meta Quest 1 headset starting August 31, 2024. This marks the end of support for the five-year-old device. After this date, if any security vulnerabilities are discovered, user data stored on the device or accessible from it could potentially be compromised.

The first indication that the Quest 1 was being phased out came in early 2023 when Meta announced that its first-party social apps, Parties, and Meta Horizon Home, would no longer support the Quest 1. In March 2024, the company also stopped allowing developers to target the Quest 1 for new apps, effectively halting any new games or experiences for the device.

It remains unclear if the Quest 2 will face a similar end so soon. While Meta hasn’t released official sales figures, the Quest 2 is widely considered the best-selling VR headset to date and currently holds the top spot as the most popular VR headset on Steam. Meanwhile, Meta seems to be making room for a new headset to replace the Quest 2 in its lineup, as the Quest 1 is now out of stock in nearly all regions when purchased directly from Meta.

Meta sent an email to Quest 1 owners to inform them about the end of support. In the email, the company expressed excitement for the future of the Meta Quest and encouraged users to reach out to Meta Store Support for general inquiries.

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