Meta Quest headsets testing Vision Pro-style freeform windows

The Meta Quest headsets, compared to Apple’s Vision Pro, currently offer a more restricted windowing experience. While Vision Pro allows for freeform window placement, enabling users to position multiple windows wherever they prefer in their environment, and even retain their positions even after moving, Meta Quest headsets are limited to having only three windows that can only be positioned side-by-side.

However, Meta is working on a new approach to enhance the windowing experience on Meta Quest headsets, and users can gain early access to this feature by joining the beta program, known as the Public Test Channel (PTC). This new feature will reportedly offer more flexibility, allowing users to choose between flat and curved monitors for their virtual screens, and even adjust the virtual background’s dimming as with the fixed layout.

In addition, the new virtual keyboard feature will provide users with the option to place the keyboard vertically or at an angle for easier typing. To access these new features, users need to sign up as a beta tester for the PTC through the Meta mobile app. Once enrolled, they can enable the new window layout feature in the Settings under Experimental Features.

Please note that if the PTC toggle is unavailable, it means Meta is not currently accepting more sign-ups, so users should try again a few days later. This summary is based on reports from XR enthusiast Luna and Road to VR, and the process for joining the PTC is provided for informational purposes.

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