Morgan Rose Moroney in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Stretching"

Morgan Rose Moroney, a fitness trainer and influencer, is maintaining her fitness routine while expecting her first child. She shares her workouts on her Instagram account, providing insights into her exercise regimen.

Moroney emphasizes core exercises, as seen in an Instagram video where she demonstrates medicine ball crunches, single leg lifts, and side plank pulses. She encourages her followers to focus on form and tempo, rather than reps.

Pilates plays a significant role in Moroney’s fitness routine. She shared a video of herself doing Pilates exercises at home, citing the need for a lighter workout during pregnancy.

Consistency is key for Moroney. She posted a highlight reel showcasing her daily workouts, each lasting around 30 minutes. Despite the shorter duration, she stressed the importance of maintaining a routine.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is another component of Moroney’s fitness regime. She shared a reel of her HIIT session at the gym, adjusting her rest periods to manage her heart rate.

Lastly, Moroney doesn’t neglect hip workouts. She shared her three favorite hip exercises on Instagram, detailing the benefits and techniques for each. These exercises include 90-90 rotations, KB kneeling side lunge, and DB seated Goodmorning.

In all her posts, Moroney encourages her followers to maintain a balanced and adaptable approach to fitness, especially during pregnancy. Her commitment to fitness and transparency about her workouts serve as inspiration for many.

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