New city of Waco landfill nearing completion as the current landfill fills up

The city of Waco, Texas, acquired its landfill from Woodway in 1986. After nearly four decades of operation, the current landfill is nearing its capacity and is expected to close by 2025. In anticipation of this, a new landfill is being constructed along FM 939 between Mount Calm and Axtell. This new landfill will serve more than 30 cities across 11 counties, as the existing one currently receives over 900 to 1000 tons of solid waste daily.

The new landfill, scheduled to open in late spring or summer of 2025, will be slightly larger in acreage and will include a new waste transfer station and a second inbound scale. These additions are intended to reduce traffic and wait times at the facility. The old landfill will be capped after construction on the new one is complete, with a thick layer of clay and a synthetic liner to prevent leaks. This cap will be followed by 30 years of post-closure care.

The city is excited about the opening of the new landfill, as it will provide cost-effective and environmentally safe disposal options. While there was initial resistance from the local community, the city worked closely with them to address concerns during the permitting process. The new landfill is projected to have a lifespan of 31 years. The copyright for this information belongs to KWTX for 2024.

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