New Hampshire to receive $1.6 million for climate resiliency projects

President Joe Biden recently announced new initiatives to address extreme heat and climate change, offering federal funding to enhance community resilience against natural disasters and hazards. These funds will benefit New Hampshire, providing over $1.6 million for 19 projects throughout the state. Biden emphasized the danger of ignoring climate change, stating it’s irresponsible.

In a significant move, Biden proposed implementing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for working in hot conditions, a first-of-its-kind proposal. Kristina Dahl, a principal climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, considers this a substantial step forward.

Dahl’s research indicates that communities in New England will continue to experience extreme heat for decades to come. She authored a report examining how rising sea levels affect critical infrastructure along the U.S. coastline. Despite New Hampshire having only 20 miles of coast, Dahl warns of substantial coastal concerns for the state by the turn of the century. She stresses that decisions made now have long-term impacts, and we should aim to limit future emissions to prevent a negative position by the end of the century.

Dahl encourages lawmakers, communities, and the public to consider her findings and the research conducted by other climate scientists. She believes understanding the implications of climate change is crucial for effective decision-making. For the latest updates on these initiatives, download the free WMUR app available on Apple and Google Play.

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