New Research Finds Vitamin D Supplementation Could Increase Muscle Strength

A recent study has suggested that supplementing with vitamin D could enhance muscle strength in addition to its known benefits for mental health. The meta-analysis, published in May, evaluated multiple studies on the effects of vitamin D on muscle strength and found that vitamin D3 supplementation led to strength gains in healthy adults. The researchers aimed to determine if vitamin D3 supplements could boost muscle strength in athletes and discovered a trend towards overall strength gains, with a statistically significant increase in quadricep strength.

The link between vitamin D deficiency and muscle weakness and fatigue has been established in numerous research papers. In 2020, a study revealed that approximately 40% of Europeans were vitamin D deficient, with 13% being severely deficient. Preventing any deficiency seems essential for maintaining health and optimizing strength and fitness.

The NHS recommends that adults receive about 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day, but in the winter months or for those unable to spend adequate time outdoors, this should be supplemented with dietary intake or supplementation. Foods containing vitamin D include fatty fish, liver, egg yolks, and fortified foods like milk and cereals.

Vitamin D3 supplements are inexpensive, safe, and a practical way to ensure vitamin D deficiencies do not affect gym performance. With nearly 18 years of experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, breath coach, and writer, Andrew is dedicated to providing reliable, credible fitness information and keeping Men’s Health at the forefront of fitness knowledge. As the fitness editor, Andrew tests thousands of workouts each year, explores the science behind muscle building and fat loss, and delves into the psychology of performance and recovery. Andrew can be found on Instagram at @theandrew.tracey.

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