OnePlus could soon automatically cap battery to 80% to slow down aging (Update)

OnePlus is developing a new battery health feature, expected to be released with the Android 15 update. This feature will automatically limit charging to 80% when a OnePlus device has been charging for an extended period. The goal is to slow down battery aging.

APK teardown, a method of predicting future features based on work-in-progress code, indicates changes coming to Oxygen OS’s “Charging Limit” feature. Currently, users can manually limit their device’s charging to 80%. In a future Oxygen OS release, such as Oxygen OS 15, OnePlus devices will automatically limit themselves to 80% battery charging if they have been left plugged in for too long without user input.

The new feature differs from the existing Optimized Charging feature, as it keeps the battery level at 80% while plugged in, making it useful for users who always keep their phones connected to a charger. Users can already toggle this feature, but in the future, the phone could also make this decision autonomously.

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