Person hanging from Six Flags Superman Ride: Real or fake?

A viral video on social media showed a purported incident of a park-goer dangling from a theme park ride, specifically the Superman: Tower of Power at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, but Six Flags has since acknowledged it as a hoax and not a real incident. The tower ride is known for its stomach-turning ascent of 325 feet and subsequent drop.

Notwithstanding the recent allegedly fake incident, there was a genuine accident involving the Superman ride in 2007 in the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom park. A 13-year-old girl was riding the roller coaster when a cable snapped before the ride began. As a result, the girl endured severe injuries, with a loss of both legs, and only one was able to be reattached, subsequently leading to the ride’s indefinite closure before it was demolished in 2008.

It isn’t the first time a virus video of a fake incident or false safety concerns at theme park rides has gone viral in recent years. For instance, videos highlighting supposedly reckless features of the Gyro Drop ride at a theme park in Seoul, South Korea, circulated heavily online in 2019—ultimately revealing that said alarming features were contrived.

Six Flags Over Texas has yet to fully disclose the specific details that lead them to deem the viral video this week as a hoax; WFAA is trying to acquire more information on the matter in the meantime.

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