Quest 3 Seems To Have Sold At Least 1 Million Units

The Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset, introduced in March 2023, has seen over a million users complete its introductory experience called First Encounters. This experience is unique to the Quest 3 and unavailable on previous Meta headsets. First Encounters involves generating a 3D scene mesh of the user’s environment, simulating a craft crashing through the ceiling, and allowing the user to interact with their real environment, such as shooting parts of their walls. The user’s score, determined by the number of invading creatures they shoot, is logged on Quest’s leaderboard system.

Software developer Daven Bigelow has been monitoring the leaderboard, as it shows the number of people who have completed Quest 3’s introduction. According to Bigelow, the count has surpassed 1 million, suggesting that at least 1 million Quest 3 headsets are in circulation. However, this number may be an underestimation, as people who refuse to participate in First Encounters, those with their profile set to private, and those who live in regions without Quest 3 availability are not included.

In March 2023, Meta’s VP of VR, Mark Rabkin, revealed that the company had sold almost 20 million Quest headsets. Three months later, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, stated that the company had sold tens of millions of Quests. Quest 3’s slower pace of sales compared to Quest 2 is not surprising, given that Quest 2 launched at a lower price and has continued to be sold even after the launch of Quest 3.

Meta is reportedly preparing to release a cheaper alternative to Quest 3, known as Quest 3S, to address the affordability issue and replace Quest 2 in its lineup. If priced around $300 and maintaining the XR2 Gen 2 chipset and mixed reality capabilities, Quest 3S is expected to sell in much larger volumes than Quest 3, expanding the mixed reality market and providing developers with more powerful tools to work with than Quest 2 ever offered.

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