Rossen Reports: These 3 hacks will save your summer road trip

For the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, approximately 60.6 million travelers are expected to drive more than 50 miles. Long road trips, particularly with young children, can be strenuous. To help, Rossen Reports offers these summer road trip hacks to simplify your journey.

One beneficial trick is to plan your trip using the “Google My Maps” feature. Typically used for navigation, My Maps is a tool that lets you construct your custom map and pin places that interest you. It’s beneficial for planning long road trips, outlining stops along the route, and sharing the itinerary conveniently on your phone with friends and family. To access, navigate to Google Maps on a computer, select “Saved,” choose “Maps,” and open “My Maps.”

Another simple and space-saving approach for road trips is converting the cupholder into a phone mount, using a combination cup and phone holder – one such example being on Amazon for $19.99, that allows you to mount your phone effortlessly without sacrificing precious cupholder space.

Enjoying a movie or series along the road can keep the younger travelers entertained. An at-home solution for a tablet holder while traveling is to utilize a larger-sized plastic bag (recommended size: 2.5 gallons). Remove the headrest of your front seat, line the bag to align with the headrest pillars, and poke small holes where the headrest screws secure. Reattach the headrest and secure your tablet inside the bag on the headrest.

Although hopefully not needed, always remain prepared by keeping a first-aid kit easily accessible in your vehicle for long car excursions. Pack items you might require in case of road emergencies, such as adhesive bandages, hand sanitizer, and medication.

Jeff Rossen is answering consumer-related questions every Friday in a newly added segment called “Rossen Responds.” If you have a question that requires his expertise, feel free to reach him at [email protected].

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