Rossen Reports: These 3 hacks will save your summer road trip

For the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, AAA projects that approximately 60.6 million people will be driving more than 50 miles. Long road trips can be challenging, especially when traveling with children. To make these journeys less stressful, Rossen Reports has shared some summer road trip hacks.

One hack is to plan your trip using Google My Maps. This feature allows you to create a custom map and drop pins at all the places you’d like to visit during your trip. It’s perfect for long road trips and helps in planning all the stops you want to make along the way. You can also share your custom map with others and view it on your phone, ensuring everyone has their itinerary easily accessible. To access My Maps, go to Google Maps on your desktop, click Saved, then Maps, and then Open My Maps.

Another useful hack is to convert your cupholder into a phone mount without sacrificing space. Instead of throwing your phone in the cupholder while driving, consider using a combination cup and phone holder. These holders can be found on Amazon for around $19.99 and allow you to mount your phone without taking up space in your cupholder, so you still have a place for your drinks.

For entertainment during long car rides, you can turn the backseat of your car into a movie theater for the kids using a simple DIY tablet holder. All you need is a freezer bag (we used a 2.5-gallon bag), the headrest from your front seat, and two holes poked where the headrest connects. Place the headrest back in, put your tablet in the plastic bag, and you have a homemade tablet holder.

Lastly, it’s essential to keep a first aid kit in your car for long road trips. Pack it with items like bandages, hand sanitizer, and medication to help in case of accidents.

If you have any questions for Jeff Rossen, he answers consumer questions every Friday in the new segment “Rossen Responds.” Send your questions to him at [email protected].

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