Royal Global University Biotech Alumni: Young Pioneers launch Innovative Start-Ups

Guwahati, on the 28th of June, witnessed the remarkable achievement of Royal Global University’s Biotechnology alumni, who have embarked on entrepreneurial endeavors, shaping innovation across various sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, sustainable agriculture, and environmental technology. These alumni, led by Jnanjyoti Talukdar and Pritam Shree Pathak from the graduating class of 2021, have demonstrated a relentless resolve to tackle global challenges with groundbreaking solutions.

Jnanjyoti, a post-graduate of Biotechnology, founded ‘Plantaly’, a start-up that thrives in the horticulture market. Plantaly has garnered attention for its innovative solutions and high-quality products, making it a reputable brand in the industry. Jnanjyoti’s commitment to sustainable and locally sourced agricultural practices symbolizes a growing trend in the industry.

Pritam, a fellow alumnus from the same batch, has made a significant mark in the field of analytical services. His NABL-accredited lab provides diverse services, ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision. Pritam’s focus on excellence in analytical testing is a substantial contribution to both the scientific community and industry benchmarks.

Diksha Borah, from the 2021-2023 Biotechnology batch, is yet another inspiring figure. She harnesses Northeast India’s rich biodiversity, introducing ventures that produce commercial fruit beverages and mushroom products native to the region. Diksha’s novel approach not only highlights the potential of indigenous resources but also sets the trend for sustainable business practices.

The triumphs of Jnanjyoti, Pritam, and Diksha serve as a motivation for current and future students of biotechnology and related disciplines. These accomplishments underscore Royal Global University’s commitment to cultivating entrepreneurial talent. By fostering an environment supportive of innovation and equipping students with necessary skills, the university aims to prepare its students for successful ventures.

The alumni’s ventures mark the beginning of numerous success stories, demonstrating the potential within biotechnology and the opportunities available in the North-East region of India. The promising future of these trailblazing alumni underscores Royal Global University’s role in preparing the next generation of biotech innovators.

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